Laxmi Ji Brass Large Lakshmi Statue with Lotus Flowers K127

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  • The Lakshmi statue is the size of a person seated in the lalitasana seated position with her left leg stretched out upon a lotus flower base
  • She holds two lotus flowers in both her hands symbols of beauty, prosperity and fertility with her other two hands in the varada mudra, or boon granting gesture, and abhaya mudra or fear not hand gesture
  • Lakshmi is wearing full robes that cover her entire body giving her a more modest appearance with a beautiful siraschakra or godly halo behind her head
  • She is the Hindu Goddess of wealth. By having a statue of her in your home your are inviting abundance into your home and lives
  • weight – 7.00 kg
  • size – 9″9″13″

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Golden Yellow


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