Ganesh Head Decorative Lord Ganesha Face Wall Hanging Brass Statue

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Bring good luck to your home with this beautiful wall hanging of Lord Ganesha brass statue., Lord Ganesha is glorified as “VIGHNESVARA” (lord of all obstacles) or “VIGHNA NASHAKA” (destroyer of all obstacles).it is believed that Lord Ganesha is the inspiration of all music as the rhythms and vibrations of the universe are channeled through him, and that we humans are purely vehicles of Ganesha’s universal musical expression. Gorgeous handwork and perfect showcase of Indian handicrafts lord Ganesha represent joy and happiness which is symbolic to bring prosperity and good luck. A beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha that is an epitome of beauty and perfection.

weight – 0.850 kg

size – 6.5″1″6″

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Golden Yellow


1 kg


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