Durga Brass Durga Statue on Lion Holding Trident



  • The Hindu Goddess Durga is the most splendid manifestation of Devi, virginal and sublime, containing within her the power of all the Hindu gods combined, she is the invincible power of Nature who triumphs over those who seek to subjugate her
  • Durga is shown with 8 arms each holding weapons including a large tridetn that can be removed from the pieces, a sword, discus, conch shell, flower, club and a bow and arrows on her lap with her right hand raised in the abhaya mudra granting her followers divine protection
  • She sits upon her vahana or vehicle the lion that has no actual base beneath him with his four legs directly on the ground, this unique feature gives the sole focus of the sculpture to Durga and the lion
  • Durga has two seperate siraschakras or godly halos, one directly around her face and another larger one that circles her whole torso
  • weight –6.500 kg
  • size –10x5x13 inch
  • kk international


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